2015-09-10 / Front Page

Bright Minds, Bright Futures

Another school year got underway for Newport’s youngest scholars on Tuesday, Sept. 8, as students in grades K – 4 prepared to enter Claiborne Pell Elementary School, marking the beginning of the “new” school’s third year. For the 890 students registered, and 100 teachers at the ready, it was an exciting—and hopefully not too scary—day of sizing up new teachers, new friends, and new classrooms. For many of the older students it was also a day to reconnect with old friends, discuss summer vacations, and compare new sneakers and backpacks. On that day kindergarteners, for whom this represents a giant step into all-day sessions (school begins at 8:30 and ends at 3), attended a pre-scheduled “soft” start and orientation. Their full-day launch was Wednesday, Sept. 9. (Photo by Jack Kelly)

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