2015-09-10 / Around Town

Seen in 'Martha Stewart Weddings 2015'

Jordan and Evan Carbotti Jordan and Evan Carbotti Brothers Jordan and Evan Carbotti are carrying on the legacy of their father Richard Carbotti with his Perfect Surroundings Int’l. event design company. The wedding they “created” for Olivia and Tyler Stone at Seaweed was featured in the 2015 edition of “Martha Stewart Weddings.”

Years ago, the elder Carbotti was on a ladder hanging wallpaper in Beechwood Mansion. The now internationally recognized company was literally created from the ground up, and began when he was asked to step down from the ladder to meet someone interested in throwing a series of events. He obliged (reluctantly), and waiting for him at the bottom was Queen Elizabeth’s decorator. The events would be for the America’s Cup celebrations for Ted Turner and would include an event for Prince Andrew.

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