2015-08-20 / Calendar

Stamp Act Re-enactment

On Aug. 29, Newport’s rich colonial history comes to life during the Newport Historical Society’s Stamp Act Protest. This large-scale re-enactment will celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Stamp Act Riots, one of the first events that sparked the American Revolution.

“This is a unique living history experience,” explains the Society’s Executive Director Ruth Taylor. “During this afternoon program we will recreate a pop-up Colonial city that illustrates daily activities from the Colonial era and brings to life a historical event in the location where it actually happened.”

Visitors can meet with craftspeople whose businesses were once present around Washington Square, such as a printer, a merchant and a stay maker, along with historic interpreters portraying specific figures including sailors, rabble rousers and even prominent citizens like Mr. Ellery and Mr. Vernon. Events include an upper class lady’s tea and children’s games; re-enactments include an effigy demonstration, much like the original protest, and a “ransacking” of the Society’s house museum and will close with street theater in front of the Colony House.

(Photos courtesy of of the Newport Historical Society) (Photos courtesy of of the Newport Historical Society)

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