2015-08-13 / Opinion

Points to Ponder

To the Editor:

I would like to share the following points:

1. I don't own a smart phone or home computer. Yesterday I needed to speak to someone at an agency in Providence, but didn't have the number.

I called information - 411. It took 20 minutes before I gave up trying to get the disembodied computer voice to understand I wanted "Providence Center," not "Dunkin' Donuts Center."

No phone number for me. I think this is discriminatory, because it denies access to information to those who can't go online at home. Often, the reason people don't have personal computer technology is because they can't afford it.

2. I learned last week that Lifespan, which includes Newport Hospital, no longer will hire people who smoke/use tobacco - no matter whenever and wherever they smoke - not just on hospital property. According to Lifespan, they are proudly the first and only organization in Rhode Island where this is so.

Does that mean job seekers have to take blood tests? I'm sure this rule wouldn't include "medical marijuana," God forbid. What's next - don't apply if you are overweight or "ugly"? How about people who are visibly drunk/feeling good in town at one of the local bars and restaurants - or even at home? Are they okay to hire? What if their diets weren't up to snuff, or their driving habits?

3. Atheists would better make their points if their letters to the editor weren't so thick with unnecessary intellectual-sounding jargon. As it is for me now, these letters are unreadable.

Karen Gavin

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