2015-08-06 / Opinion

Potential Slots Move Demands a Plan

To the Editor:

I take exception to your July 30 editorial ("Be Careful What You Wish For") stating that Newport Grand was, or has been, an asset to the city because it paid a mix of $700,000 in real estate taxes and a percentage of revenue.

The SLOTS parlor was completely out of character with the image of Newport as an attractive destination city renowned for its historic colonial heritage, the largest collection of colonial homes in the United States, the home of our nation's oldest synagogue, oldest ballpark in continuous operation, the White Horse Tavern (our original government house), historic Washington Square, etc. Even as a Jai Lai fronton, it was clearly out of place within the Newport city limits.

If Mayor Napolitano and the council are concerned about the lost revenue, they should stop moaning and start doing. There was talk a year ago of a potential technology center, but that conversation seems to have died. So what are they doing to attract a more appropriate business to Newport? Do they even have a plan? Based on your editorial and the mayor's quotes in the accompanying news story on the facing page, it would appear the answer is no!

If that's true, the Newport electorate better sharpen its pencils for the next election. It's just unfortunate that so much time will pass before a more ambitious council can get moving.

Don Dery


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