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Overflow Trash Plan Announced

By Barry Bridges

Newport will soon implement a new aspect of the municipal trash program that has been in place since last fall.

Under the city’s five-year agreement with Waste Management, each dwelling was supplied with trash and recycling carts to streamline collection procedures through automated trucks. A sticker-based “pay-as-you-throw” system was instituted for bulky items.

Beginning Aug. 1, there will be a new way for residents to handle excess amounts of trash that don’t fit into their bins. Under an overflow program announced on Monday, July 20, residents will be able to purchase specially-colored and stamped 33-gallon bags at local retailers to supplement the current procedures.

Newporters have been handling overages largely through the transfer station at 65 Halsey St. Residents are entitled to two free annual drops, but on third and subsequent trips a charge is levied based on tonnage. The station accepts all items except for hazardous materials, and also serves as a place to leave extra recycling.

Clean City Program Coordinator Maureen McManus told Newport This Week that the bags will provide an “easy, economical alternative” to making trips to the transfer station.

They may be bought in packs of five for $12. They are only to be used once the regular canister is at capacity and are intended only for additional trash – no bulky items, yard debris, construction waste or hazardous substances should be introduced into the mix. Each plastic bag should be securely tied and placed on top of the cart on collection day. As always, residents are encouraged to recycle and compost as much as possible before sending things to the landfill.

McManus reported that since its inception the new contract has improved the city’s recycling rate, with an attendant decrease in the amount of refuse going to the landfill. “Under the new system, a lot of people are more conscious of how they handle their household materials. That is significant, since about 50 percent of residential waste is recyclable.” She also noted that the Department of Public Services has, for now, sold out of compost bins. “These are good trends. If people are just more conscious of what they throw out, they can significantly reduce their trash,” she said.

A list of local retailers selling the bags is available at cityofnewport.com/cleancity.

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