2015-06-25 / Front Page

Outdoor Learning Lab

The Ballard Park’s summer workshop series began June 24 with youngsters exploring the trees of the preserve and learning about the animals that live in them. During the hands-on event, children hiked the park, met residents, and learned how to identify trees by their bark and leaves, making tree rubbings. Pictured are environmental educator Colleen Fogg, Wilkes Borden, Ryan Bruneau, Stone Bidlack, and Keegan Bidlack examining a quaking aspen. The outdoor learning laboratory will hold several such workshops this summer: Habitat Hike, Dragonflies and Butterflies, Frogs and Friends, Rocks Rock, Name that Nest, A Chapter on Raptors, and Bugs and Slugs. Classes are best suited for ages 6-12, but older and younger siblings are welcome. For program information, visit ballardpark.org or call 401-619-3377. (Photo by Nila Asciolla)

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