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A Passion for Peonies

Moon Over Nippon peonies Moon Over Nippon peonies The peony season is almost over and if your peonies were not staked in recent days, they may well be flat on their faces. Peony hoops are round circles of strong wire with three wire legs attached. Place them over your flowers to keep them upright. Japanese peony season is a bit longer and you may have a beauty ready just in time for the Newport Flower Show. They are gorgeous. Japanese peonies are very showy flowers, but have little scent. Enter your best bloom and maybe win a ribbon.

A good tip for peonies for next year: as soon as your peonies are three quarters open, cut them and place them in a vase. Let them finish opening indoors, to get the full impact of their aroma. Most varieties have a marvelous fragrance. It is a clean scent and a sure sign that summer is on its way.

If you have not cut your flowers, remove the heads as soon as they finish blooming. Do not allow flower buds to linger, as they sap energy from the plant. Wait a week or two after all of the flowers have bloomed, then cut the stalks to the ground. Peonies have a very short, but sweet, season.

Vyvyan Pennell clematis Vyvyan Pennell clematis

Honeoye strawberries growing in a white gutter. Honeoye strawberries growing in a white gutter.

Rooguchi bell-shaped clematis Rooguchi bell-shaped clematis

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