2015-04-09 / Opinion

Sports Fields Tour Planned

To the Editor:

Middletown is a community whose sports fields are utilized heavily by numerous athletic leagues with participants of all ages. Athletics can be the ticket to higher education for many of our youngsters, and having sports facilities that complement our level of usage is a necessity.

During our recent open meetings over the proposed master recreational plan at the commonlycalled Tibbett’s Farm, the general consensus of those in attendance was that currently there are not enough fields for all of the groups that are competing for their use, and that the size and condition of the fields are not sufficient to run safe, competitive and effective programs. The town has also seen an increased demand and interest in activities such as soccer and lacrosse in recent years.

As part of the council’s unanimous decision on March 16 to reject the proposed master recreational plan, this Town Council committed to seeing to it that our children will have the athletic and recreational facilities that they need, and deserve, keeping in mind our taxpayers’ ability to pay.

On Saturday, April 18, at 9 a.m., the council will be conducting a field visit, to include an on-site inventory assessment, which has been hindered by winter snow conditions to date. This field visit will be used to inventory and evaluate the existing facilities as well as other infrastructure concerns. This assessment will officially start the process and will help us determine the type and level of improvements needed to meet our demand. It will also provide a matrix outlining deficiencies or obstacles that will be further discussed and assessed for each individual field.

We will be utilizing a bus to conduct this visit and I encourage any residents who would like to join us to come. We will be meeting at the Middletown Town Hall, where we will open the posted public meeting at 9 a.m., and the tour will follow immediately thereafter. There will be limited seats available on the bus, but your participation is vital and your thoughts and ideas are welcomed.

Robert Sylvia
Middletown Council President

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