2015-03-12 / Opinion

Safety First

To the Editor:

This is a clarification on my "unletter to the editor" which was published prematurely by Newport This Week on Feb. 12.

My main concerns about public safety around our St. Patrick's Day celebration are the demands that are put on our emergency response system and on the ER at Newport Hospital.

In 2011, before the parade had even ended, there was a long wait to get into the ER. Once inside, some patients had to be cared for on stretchers in the hallway, as the beds were full.

There were at least three patients who seemed intoxicated: a young man who kept trying to climb over the siderails, a teenage girl who was found unconscious in the street, and a man from Cranston, who was bellowing obscenities and threats that could be heard right through the walls.

The man from Cranston eventually assaulted a member of the ER staff, all of whom were performing heroically and compassionately.

Judith A. Byrnes

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