2015-02-26 / News Briefs

Municipal Court

Judge J. Russell Jackson presided at the Municipal Court session held Monday, Feb. 23 at the Newport Police Station. The Court adjudicates cases related to city ordinances, parking and traffic violations.

There were 48 matters on the docket: n Seven cases concerned open containers, drinking in public; four were continued, one was rescheduled, and a bench warrant for failure to appear was issued in the remaining two. n Six cases concerned a minor in possession of alcohol; two were continued, one was dismissed, one was rescheduled, and one motion to seal was granted. The defendant in one case pleaded no contest and was fined $300 plus costs of $93.50. n Two cases concerned prohibited air guns. One was continued; in the other the defendant pleaded no contest and was fined $400, plus $93.50 in costs. n In three cases of disorderly conduct, one case was continued, one was closed, and a bench warrant for failure to appear issued in the third. n Two cases of a minor in possession, second offense, were each dismissed. n Three defendants pleaded no contest and were fined $400 for noise disturbances. Each defendant also paid $93.50 in court costs. n A case of urinating in public was continued. n A bench warrant was issued when a defendant failed to appear for a charge of obstructing free passage on sidewalks. n A speeding arraignment resulted in a suspended license and a $95 fine. A charge of failure to obey a stop sign was dismissed due to good driving, with payment of court costs. A charge of driving with an expired registration resulted in a suspended license and an $85 fine. n An arraignment for building a structure without a permit on Kay Street was dismissed. Charges of keeping livestock and poultry on Ellery Road, the construction of an accessory structure which violates codes, and allowing trash and rubbish to accumulate was continued to an April 13 arraignment. n Four charges of improper snow removal and disposal in violation of city ordinances along Mann Avenue were dismissed, each carrying a $50 fine; three other charges of snow removal along Mann Avenue were continued. n On five separate charges of overcrowded assembly at 359 Thames St., a motion was granted to seal the files.

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