2015-02-19 / News Briefs

Newport Police Log

During the period from Monday, Feb. 9 through Tuesday, Feb. 17 the Newport Police Department responded to 239 calls. Of those, 139 were motor vehicle related; there were 97 motor vehicle violations issued and 42 accident reports.

The police also responded to 2 noise complaints, 14 animal complaints, 50 home/business alarm calls, 4 private tows. They transported 7 prisoners, escorted 2 funerals and 12 school security checks.

They recorded 4 instances of assisting other police departments and 3 instances of assisting other agencies.

In addition, 24 arrests were made for the following violations: n4 arrests were made for outstanding bench warrants.

 6 arrests were made for larceny
1 arrest was made for driving
without a license.
2 arrests were made for tampering with a vehicle.
 2 arrests were made for driving with a suspended or revoked
2 arrests were made for simple
2 arrests were made for DUI.
1 arrest was made for disorderly
3 arrests were made for domestic simple assault.
1 arrest was made for refusal to
pay cab fare.

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