2015-02-12 / News Briefs

Newport Fire Incident Run Report

During the period from Monday, Jan. 26 through Sunday, Feb. 1, the Newport Fire Department responded to 163 calls. Of those, 76 were emergency medical calls.

Fire apparatus was used for 131 responses:

Station 1 - Headquarters/
Rescue 1 and 3 responded to
58 calls
• Station 1 - Engines 1 and 6
responded to 45 calls
• Station 2 - Old Fort Road Rescue 2
responded to 27 calls
• Station 2 - Old Fort Road Engine 2
responded to 15 calls
• Station 5 - Touro Street Engines 3
and 5 responded to 48 calls

Specific situations fire apparatus
was used for include:
1-Fire, chimney/furnace
1- CO detector activations
2- Water or steam problem
1-Gas leak, natural or LPG
1- Vehicle accident
with no injuries.
2- Fire apparatus sent from
4- Fire apparatus sent to New
1- Gasoline or other flammable
liquid spill
3- Lockout
6- Assist public calls
1- False alarm calls
15- Fire alarm soundings -
no fire
13- Fire alarm malfunctions -
no fire
41 - Engine assist on EMS call

In the category of fire prevention, the department performed 5 smoke alarm/CO inspections prior to property sales, 21 life safety/site inspections, 12 fire system plan reviews, 2 fire investigation and 4 acceptance tests for fire protection equipment.

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Information provided by

Fire Marshal Wayne Clark

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