2015-02-05 / Opinion

Unanswered Concert Questions

To the Editor:

I just read your interview with Michele Palmieri on the Fort Adams concert proposal (“Concert Dialogue Continues,” Jan. 29) and am disappointed that you let her dance around the traffic problems. It is known that the arrival crowd will be fairly good and staggered, but you never pushed for an answer over the biggest objection: the exiting crowd. They all start at the same time, and that is a problem. Also, does anyone believe that the Newport water taxis in May can handle 20 percent of a crowd of 2,000 to 2,500? You never asked where all these boats were coming from, if she had written contracts with the operators, and what the capacity is for each boat. What is the total transit time from Newport to Fort Adams, including loading and unloading of passengers?

Who verified the sound tests she claims to have run? Were the neighbors asked for their opinions?

What is the $25,000 donation to the trust from Newport Restaurant Group? Is it somehow connected to the concert request? I do hope you can get answers to these questions before the council meeting, as they seem to be very important, especially the “donation” that smells bad.

Jack Milburn

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