2015-01-29 / Naval Community

NUWC Employees Recognized for Contributions to Submarine Training

Fourteen employees at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center Newport were honored by Capt. David A. Roberts, commanding officer of the Submarine Learning Center in Groton, Conn., for their work in developing a virtual schoolhouse for the training of submariners.

Roberts emphasized NUWC Newport’s critical collaborative role in developing and testing the use of virtual technologies to train fleet sailors in submarine skill areas. He stressed the need for employing innovative concepts, software and hardware to increase training efficiency while reducing costs.

“Virtual world [learning] is very important to the future of the Navy,” said Roberts. “This is a critical piece to bring in that technology.”

Steven Aguiar, Elise Augustine, Rebecca Chim, Christian Correa, Karen Ephraim, Steven Fastow, Denise Fiorentino, Daniel Kennedy Jr., Shelley McInnis, Anh Nguyen, Diana Nolan, Concepcion Vazquez, Jason Wong, and Helen Wright were awarded letters of commendation or letters of appreciation.

Each employee was specifically recognized for their work in software development, analysis, hardware procurement support, project management, testing, and other key elements of the twoyear long project.

NUWC Newport’s technical director Mary Wohlgemuth congratulated the team for its ability to collaborate with many other Navy organizations in bringing virtual technology to the Navy training enterprise.

“This project required a lot of ingenuity,” said Wohlgemuth. “It involved 10 different commands across the Navy. It’s pretty impressive for the people of Newport to be part of this team.”

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