2015-01-29 / Around Town

Municipal Court

Judge J. Russell Jackson presided at the Municipal Court session held Monday, Jan. 26 at the Newport Police Station. The court adjudicates cases related to city ordinances, parking and traffic violations.

There were 47 matters on the docket: n12 cases concerned open containers, drinking in public; 10 of these cases were continued and two cases were dismissed. n Six cases concerned possession of a prohibited air gun. Two of these were continued until March 2; three other defendants failed to appear and a bench warrant remained in place; the other defendant pleaded no contest and was fined $400, plus $93.50 in court costs. n Two cases concerned minors in possession. One defendant failed to appear and bench warrants issued; the other had his case dismissed after paying a $100 fine. n Two cases of disorderly conduct and two more concerning urinating in public were continued. n Three arraignments on charges of allowing trash and rubbish to accumulate to a dangerous condition were continued to March. n A charge of building without a permit was continued to a Feb. 23 arraignment. n Three charges of operating a guest house without special use permit and three related charges of failure to register a rental dwelling with the city were all continued to March 9. n A charge of keeping livestock and poultry was continued until Feb. 23. n There were eight cases of overcrowded assembly. The five at 359 Thames St. were all dismissed after the defendant paid a fine of $100 on each charge and costs of $93.50 for each charge; three cases on Berkeley Avenue were closed after fines were paid in full.

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