2015-01-08 / Opinion

Who Will Benefit?

To the Editor:

The proposal to stage 30 separate nights of concerts by Live Nation through the Fort Adams Trust is another casino-like corporate grab. These concerts do nothing for local musicians, businesses or residents. We will be left with unpaid extra police help, garbage, and wear and tear on our roads with no economic benefits. The hotels and B&B’s are already filled for the summer. Besides, these one evening events don’t require attendees to rent a room. The only business that will benefit will be the gas stations on the way out of town. This is not a one neighborhood or ward issue. These events will have a negative impact on local businesses, as other visitors will avoid Newport even more when these events take place. If I want to see a major act, I’ll go to PPAC.

There were never any noise complaints when the concerts involved local musicians and sound companies. Live Nation uses speakers that are designed to throw the music far and wide with no consideration for the area. Also, Google the lawsuits they are involved in. I suggest that the Fort Adams Trust include an educational component when seeking funds. After all, it is a military museum. Partner with the schools where the students may benefit. Forget being the Fillmore East.

On Jan. 21 at 6:30 p.m., there will be a workshop at the Newport Public Library. I encourage everyone to attend. In closing, I always say, “follow the money.” See who may personally benefit from this arrangement. And for these reasons, I am out.

Kevin Sullivan

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