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Laser Fleet 413 Results

By Joe Berkeley

Under a brilliant blue sky on Sunday, Dec. 14, laser Fleet 413 darted about on the harbor. Mark Bear was likewise brilliant, winning the day by being consistent with a 5, 5, 1, 5, 4, 1 with 21 points total. Peter Shope was second with 24. Nick Ewenson, who kept his footprints off his dagger board this week, was third, Steve Kirkpatrick was fourth and Ted Hood, who won a race, was fifth.

Ewenson’s was the first boat on the water, and he got out early to get a handle on the breeze that was some variety of northerly. Shope and Pakenham Baker split tacks and Shope liked the left. Bear tested the breeze before the racing began and concluded, “Aim for the mark.”

In the first race of the day, downwind, Shope was the only boat on port jibe. He said, “I’d rather sail by the lee than on a broad reach. I was looking for a gap.”

Steve Kirkpatrick was having a less than stellar race when he used all of his powers to catch up to those in the front. Three boat lengths from the leeward gate, he executed a mighty jibe that was so inspired, he ripped the coaming out of the cockpit and capsized.

After the incident, Bear was asked for comment. He gave Kirkpatrick a score of 8.0 on the capsize as the timing and style were both inspired.

The breeze did shift and Moose McClintock on the race committee stayed with it, squaring up the course often, sending the mark boat up and down the harbor to keep the course square.

The average age of the fleet was driven down considerably by the inspired presence of teen sailors. Tyler Fleig was sixth for the day, John Kirkpatrick was eighth, Ted Bergerron was tenth, Parker Colantuono was 11th, and Andrew Sheerin was lucky 13th.

Joe Berkeley is a freelance writer who is a member of Fleet 413. His work is at joeberkeley.com.

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