2014-12-11 / Opinion

Reconsider Welcome Center Location

To the Editor:

For what it's worth, this will be my last word on the whole subject. You are very kind to print our thoughts on the matter.

From the very beginning it's been quite clear that people don't object to a welcome center; they just object to digging up The Breakers' side lawn and garden for one. For most of us, the logical placement would be in the parking lot. Visitors could take care of all needs either before or after their tour, completely out of the way of the front entrance.

But it has been most obvious from the very beginning that the Preservation Society has made up its mind and will only change plans if it is made to do so. Our letters certainly don't seem to matter to anyone at the Society. The desires of the neighborhood don't seem to matter, either. The attitude of those who preside over the Society has always been to ignore any opinion that differs from its official stance.

Having no trust fund to add substance to my words, I simply ask that the welcome center be placed somewhere other than in the garden of The Breakers, and hope that I am heard.

Mary Weston

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