2014-10-23 / Opinion

Taxes Will Increase

To the Editor:

On Friday I received a call from a very nice lady asking me to vote against the casino. I told her she had the wrong person and she kindly listened to my reasons. My husband and I came to Newport in 1980 for a weekend and fell in love with the city. We moved and opened Christmas by the Sea in the Brick Market. We also purchased a condo in the Brick Market and have been here ever since. I have always been in favor of the casino because of the need for jobs, tax relief and the freedom of people to make their own choices, but even more so now because of the closing of the Yachting Center for entertainment, events and the ice skating rink. I fear for the shops and restaurants, that many of them will not survive. When we had our stores, the event weekends were huge for business. I fear for the people who will lose their jobs and for those seeking work. I fear that without the casino all our taxes will increase. In closing, I beg all of you in favor of the casino to vote YES on Questions 1 and 2.

Sandra LaLumia

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