2014-10-23 / Opinion

Don't Listen to Elitists

To the Editor:

I am employed by Newport Grand and I am proud to put this in writing despite the comments made by those who oppose the Newport Entertainment Center restoration project and have stated, “We don’t need those jobs.” Those jobs? Really?

These are the same people who also make comments that our jobs fair was “phony.” One person commented on the Jobs for Newport Facebook page that Newport Grand and the investors are “living in your delusional bubble” and “what a laughing stock this phony jobs fair is all over town.” These are typical comments made by a Newport elitist who can do no wrong and only knows what is best for Newport.

I am sick and tired of the ugliness and slanderous accusations made by the self-righteous bullies.

The Informational Jobs Fair was a genuine jobs fair and these 350 positions will be honored if table games are approved. I worked this jobs fair and met numerous applicants who I would love to hire. Every job seeker was provided the truth and made aware of the situation. There were no charades or shams as the elitists want people to believe.

Kimberly L. Baron

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