2014-10-23 / Opinion

Deceptive Mailings are Ill-Advised

To the Editor:

Today I got two mailings from the deceptively named “Jobs For Newport.”

One had profiles of people who work for Diane Hurley at Newport Grand. This is totally irrelevant, as these residents don’t work for Mr. Paolino or any of his partners. It would be more accurate and relevant to profile people who actually work for Mr. Paolino, like the people who work at the Wellington Resort. Why aren’t they being profiled to support Mr. Paolino as a model employer and hero of the working class who is truly committed to “Jobs For Newport”?

The wonderful way in which Diane Hurley has treated her employees has nothing at all to do with the Paolino group. Yet they keep promoting this–are they promoting Diane Hurley as a model employer?

The second mailing was just plain nuts–suggesting that the rich and privileged are opposing the casino to “deny” Newport’s working families. But Paolino and his partners are themselves among the rich and powerful, as Paolino has a residence on Ocean Drive and Mr. Roiff owns Clarendon Court on Bellevue Ave (which is festooned with “Jobs for Newport” placards). Nothing like manufacturing a little class warfare to rile people up!

If this second mailing is another ill-advised attempt to smear Mrs. Hamilton, this is a great indicator of just how out of touch the developers are with much of this community. Mrs. Hamilton has generously donated more to this community, both publicly and anonymously, than Paolino and both of his partners put together. To imply that she has not been personally and financially committed to Newporters over many years is beyond ill-informed, it’s disgusting.

And if it is true that Mr. Paolino and his lawyers were at a back door meeting in the middle of the night at the Statehouse, how is this not an attempt to manipulate the results of an election and disenfranchise Newport voters? Interfering with an election? Sounds criminal to me!

Judith A. Byrnes

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