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Middletown Town Council Candidates

To better inform voters, presented herein are snapshot profiles of the candidates running for public office in Middletown.

Among them are 11 candidates running for seven open seats on the Town Council. Five of these candidates are incumbents seeking re-election. Two current councilors, President Chris Semonelli and Bruce Long, chose not to run again. When voters go to their designated polling places on Nov. 4, they will be asked to choose seven of the 11 candidates for two-year terms.

To fill out the five-member School Committee, there are three candidates running for three open non-partisan seats, ensuring their election to fouryear terms. The newest members will join Kellie DiPalma Simeone and William R. O’Connell, whose terms expire in 2016.

Middletown Ballot Questions

In addition to the seven questions on the statewide ballot, there are two Middletownspecific referendum questions which require approval or rejection.

Question 8 is essentially a poll asking voters if Middletown and Newport should continue talks to establish a unified high school, while Question 9 asks if Town Council elections should become non-partisan, like the School Committee.

Non-Binding Referendum Question 8

(Resolution of the Town Council adopted June 2, 2014)

Should Newport and Middletown join to establish a unified high school?

This question is non-binding and does not obligate the Town to establish a unified high school.

Question 8 APPROVE

Question 8 REJECT

Amendment to Middletown Home Rule Charter Question 9

(Resolution of the Town Council adopted June 2, 2014)

Shall the Charter of the Town of Middletown be amended to make town council elections non-partisan by changing Section 201 to read as follows:

The town council shall consist of seven members elected from the town at large without partydesignation, each to serve for a term of two years or until a successor is elected and qualified.

Question 9 APPROVE

Question 9 REJECT

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