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New Trash Program

Newport's new trash and recycling carts will be delivered in October. Collection using the new carts will begin the week of Nov. 3. Cart Delivery Process

The cart manufacturer, Rehrig Pacific, will use the former Underwood School as a staging area for cart delivery and will deliver carts curbside in front of each eligible household, which includes buildings up to eight units. The City provided a list of eligible households and the appropriate number of carts to deliver to each. It will take about three weeks to deliver carts to 10,000 households in Newport. Because of the complexity of delivering carts, the route will not be predetermined on any given day. Once carts are delivered, remove them from the curb and store them on your property until cart collection starts during the week of Nov. 3. The carts also feature a blank white space on the top, where you may write your address and unit number. Alternate Cart Size and Fewer Carts for Multi-Families

The City has a limited number of 35-gallon cart sets still available. If you would like fewer sets of carts for a multi-family, the City will pick up extra carts by request. Call 401- 845-5613 for more information.

Bye-Bye Bins and Barrels

The Clean City Program will hold two Bye-Bye Bins and Barrels recycling events to help residents recycle unwanted recycling bins and trash barrels. The events will be held on Saturdays, Nov. 1 and 22, from 8 a.m. until noon at Easton’s Beach in the east parking lot. Residents also are encouraged to reuse recycling bins for storage and barrels for yard waste.

Cart-Based Collection and Bulky Waste Disposal

The cart-based collection will start during the week of Nov. 3. Trash must be bagged and placed inside carts. Recyclables must be loose in the recycling cart. Carts are placed curbside for collection. Using a singular, split-body truck, a Waste Management employee will roll carts to the truck, empty them, and place carts back at the curb. Remember, the carts are the property of the City of Newport and remain with the property should ownership be transferred.

Also during the week of Nov. 3, the City’s Bulky Waste Sticker Program will take effect: Residents putting out bulky items will prepay for a bulky waste sticker; call Waste Management to schedule a pickup; and then put the item(s) out with the sticker(s) affixed on the scheduled day. Bulky Waste stickers will be available at City Hall in the Collections Office, 43 Broadway. For residents unable to make it to City Hall during business hours, they may contact the Clean City Program at 401-845-5613 to make arrangements via mail.

The City of Newport will also hold Bulky Waste Amnesty Days in conjunction with the existing spring and fall recycling day events. Residents will be able to bring a limited number of items to the Bulky Waste Amnesty Day, by appointment only. More details will be released about these events during early 2015.

Yard Waste Collection

The yard waste collection program will remain the same. Under the new cart collection program, yard waste barrels will no longer required to be labeled as such.

Complete program details can be found at cityofnewport.com/cleancity or by calling 401-845-5613.

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