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Superfood Harvest Here in Autumn

By Renee Harriston

Sept. 22 is the first day of fall – a great time to renew, rethink and rejuvenate.

Newport Hospital’s video library series features health news on a variety of subjects. One is on autumn foods. Clinical nutritionist Nancy Lavoie, MS, RD, LDN, explains how you can eat healthy in the fall and how eating needs to be “colorful.”

“There’s a lot of color right now (in autumn produce) and you want to eat different colors every day and you get different nutrients from them every day,” said Lavoie. She also explains how to use fruit and fruit juices instead of sugar in baking.

The library series may be found at the center of the hospital’s home page at newporthospital.org.

Here are some superfoods that are rich in nutrients that promote good health and wellbeing.

. Apples, eat them raw or
baked. Macintosh, Rome
and Golden Delicious apples are plentiful this time
of year. The health benefits of apples include antioxidants and 4 grams of fiber.
Harvest Season: Aug. – Nov.

. Pears are sweet, juicy and
ready to eat when the fruit’s neck is
soft to the touch. Pears are a good
source of vitamin C and copper
with 4 grams of fiber.
Harvest Season: Aug. – Nov.

. Pomegranates are the nutritional punch of the season. A UCLA
study says this superfood has higher antioxidant levels than red wine
and a great source of vitamin C, potassium and folate.
Harvest Season: Aug. – Dec.

. Brussels Sprouts, cooked with
tangy sauces like balsamic vinegar,
this veggie’s somewhat bitter taste

is divine, they’re a good source of vitamin K, folate and iron.

Harvest Season: Sept. – March

. Cauliflower is sweet and nutty, full of anti-cancer fighting compounds, lowers cholesterol and provides a great source of vitamin C.
Harvest Season: Sept. – June

. Turnips are root vegetables,
easy to cook and dense in nutrients. The roots are a good source
of vitamin C, the leaves are an excellent source of vitamin A, K and
Harvest Season: Sept. – April

Other fall superfoods include
pumpkin, squash, parsnip, rutabaga, sweet potatoes, dates, tangerines, and grapefruits.
So, gear up and take advantage of this beautiful fall weather,
go walking, hiking or cycling and
don’t forget to grab an apple before you leave.

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