2014-09-11 / Opinion

Blinded by Ambition

To the Editor:

Mr. Vaillancourt’s recent letter to the editor was long overdue. (NTW Aug. 21 issue) Mr. Rodrigues and his family have apparently been so long and deeply immersed in Middletown politics that he has lost sight of when his personal desire to be council president ends, and the good of the town begins.

Is Mr. Rodrigues so blinded by his ambition that he believes that whatever he does is ethical because he did it? How can he, or anyone think it is OK to vote on and approve his sister’s pay; it just makes no sense.

I would also like to hear an answer to the question about Mr. Rodrigues’ plan to get his cousin elected to the council. I do not know Richard Rodrigues and assume him to be an honest and hard working businessman, but how would it work to have cousins on the council? Seems to me it would give Mr. Paul Rodrigues one more vote in a personally controlled voting block which Middletown does not need. Terry Martin Middletown

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