2014-09-04 / Opinion

Broadway Fails to Impress

To the Editor:

We vacation in Newport every year and always stop here on trips to Cape Cod or Boston. Several of our favorite restaurants are on Broadway and we try to visit them when in town. Over the years we have observed the steady deterioration of the pavement on Broadway.

Yesterday we were returning from Cape Cod and wanted to stop at our favorite breakfast place, the Cozy Corner [Corner Café]. We could not believe the terrible condition of the road throughout the entire section of lower Broadway.

We travel frequently and have never seen a main downtown street in worse condition anywhere in the country. Even the ancient cobblestone streets on Nantucket are smoother than this street.

How do the local businesses on Broadway stay open under these conditions?

Newport prides itself as being a pristine town filled with extravagant mansions and upscale shopping. Broadway is one of your key main streets and the gateway for visitors entering from the north. Its condition gives a terrible first impression to visitors of your lovely town. Even your police station is smack in the middle of all the bumps and landmines.

We’re only visitors and thankfully don’t have to use this street every day like some of the locals.

Perhaps a complete repaving would be a good fall project to help your residents, businesses and tourists.

P.S. We love everything else about Newport! B. Charles Mohr

Sea Bright, N.J.

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