2014-09-04 / Nature

Beached Sea Turtle

A large sea turtle was found washed up on the sand at Easton’s Beach recently. The top shell of the turtle measured at approximately 3.5 feet by 3 feet and was covered in marine growth including barnacles and algae. Marine biologists from Mystic Aquarium retrieved the animal and transported it to the aquarium’s research center for further analysis and identification.

According to Dr. Bob Kenney, research marine biologist at the University of Rhode Island, “It is hard to identify this particular turtle due to the marine growth. Measurements of the top shell and the scale patterns on the back of its head would need to be observed to complete a positive identification, and the growth obscures those areas. However, this is most likely a Loggerhead or a Kemp’s-Ridley turtle judging from the initial observations.”

Biologists at Mystic Aquarium will release a report and a positive identification within a week.

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