2014-08-28 / Opinion

Vote NO on Casino

To the Editor:

This whole casino proposal not only disgusts me, but also makes me afraid.

If this proposal is approved the businesses in town will, for the most part, go downhill, especially the stores on Thames Street and most of our restaurants. Newport will turn out to be like Atlantic City, with crime, prostitution, heavy drug dealing, etc. We will need more police and firemen.

The jobs they are promising us are low-paying, except those running the poker, blackjack, and other table games. They will be filled by professionals from the casinos closing down elsewhere.

And why am I disgusted? Because how many times do we have to say “no"? Every couple of years somebody comes up with this idea of more gambling, and here we go again!

Please vote “no” so this nonsense will stop and let Newport stay beautiful as it is. Irene Menas


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