2014-07-31 / Opinion

No to Burying Utility Lines

To the Editor:

Newport This Week recently reported that taxpayers were being asked to comment on spending $803,000 of Disaster Relief Appropriations Act of 2013 money to bury utility lines leading to the Sachuest Point Visitor’s Center to “prepare the facility for future storms,” or to take no action and leave the lines in place.

I believe this facility could probably be run on a couple of batteries, a wood stove, and a Hallman’s Port-a-Potty.

If Hurricane Sandy destroyed the road leading to the visitor’s center once, then another storm of similar or greater strength might also destroy the road again, and the buried utility lines with it as well. Therefore, this is not a proper solution.

I believe it would be more prudent to invest in a self-sustaining energy source such as solar/battery or wind power that could operate independent of burning fossil fuels or atomic energy and thereby totally eliminate the utility line issue altogether.

Shouldn’t our government follow their own self-sustaining energy resource initiatives and spend our tax dollars more wisely toward a permanent solution?

I vote NO to bury the utility lines–eliminate them forever. Ronald E. De Ascentis


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