2014-07-10 / Opinion

Shut Off Hazard Road

To the Editor:

I live on Hazard Road and walk it often. Firstly, one wonders why the town would spend so much on a new road through the middle of a “Save The Bay” project that might have been a wildlife preserve, both in the water and on the land.

The explanations for this expenditure run along the lines of FIFA awarding the 2022 World Cup to Qatar.

The one constant reason given is to allow the fire department quicker access to Ocean Drive, where the seconds of driving saved along this route might save lives. A very good reason, until you think about the hazardous one-way road and how dangerous it is. Many, many people think the one way does not apply to them, and if they go fast enough no one will see them. With the road being so narrow and with two blind bends, it is only a matter of time until serious injury occurs. I fear this rather outweighs the seconds saved by the fire department.

Hazard Road has also become one for dumping, general rubbish, ovens, fridges, lawn mowers, building materials, and so on. The road remains open even when flooded by high tides; this does not occur regularly, but enough to be dangerous.

The under-the-road culvert, halfway along the road and placed there to increase water flow between the ponds, seems only to attract crabbers who would rather dam it up for better crab catching. The rocks conveniently placed there only encourage many to throw one in, to assist in the slowing of water flow. Basically undoing the good work of Save The Bay.

To me, the best solution would be to shut off the road, with easy drive-through gates for the fire department. It would be nice not to see so many squashed baby turtles and other critters. William Crisp


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