2014-07-10 / Opinion

Request for Smaller Bin Prompts Site Visit

To the Editor:

I wish to express to the mayor and City Council my displeasure with the Newport City Administration regarding my request for a smaller reycle cart for use at my properties, 12 Pope St. and 14 Pope St. While I thought it to be a simple request, it seems my reasons and needs are brought into question and I have to justify them with an on-site visit by the city staff. While the personnel involved have been cordial with the request for the visit, I take offense that my wife and I have to submit to ANY visit. Especially since we have been in compliance with all the city's ordinances and laws over the past 40 years. And yet, I don't believe anyone from the city will be visiting some of our neighbors at 6 Pope St., who won't bother to recycle at all.

I include photos of our trash, a homeowner neighbor’s trash across the street from us, and those of the short-term rental next to us. Who really needs the visit and a talking to? Robert Richardson


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