2014-07-03 / Opinion

Let's Live in Freedom

To the Editor:

At this commemoration of the results of the "shot heard 'round the world," perhaps we would be wise to review why the shot was fired, its consequences, and its perspectives for the future.

The shot was fired because fundamental human values had been repeatedly violated.

As a consequence, the people wrote a set of laws to ensure that such shots would never have to be fired again: the United States Constitution and its subsequent amendments.

The first ten amendments can be reduced to two: Mind your own business, and keep your hands off my stuff.

Laws and rules are figments of people's imaginations and worthless unless they are enforced.

Enforcement begins with strong language but ultimately requires the point of a spear or the point of a gun.

Here is another fact of history: Rome was not built, nor did it fade, in a day. It was built by strong people who used the spear and it faded because the same people got distracted by too easy a life and forgot how to use the spear.

And that is happening today.

We have a number of local issues that violate the basic rules by which we live: Mind your own business, and keep your hands off my stuff.

One issue is the matter of trash bins. This one is very simple. And again, both principles pertain.

My "stuff" comprises money that is being taken from me in the form of taxes and spent on things that are useless at best and dangerous at worst. People are going to die of heart attacks and cause damage to other property as a consequence of trying to wrestle 64 gallon bins through tight places to get them to the street. So they'll probably get left on or in the street and thereby generate yet another flurry of "MYOB" and "stuff" arguments.

But more egregious is the MYOB violation in a declaration by cleancity@ CityofNewport.com that states, and I quote exactly: "we will need to enter your property to verify the information, even if you are not present."

The government by and for the people has become government OF the people and is violating the very fundamentals on which it was built. This particular action is a pure violation of the Fourth Amendment and a clear example of a government that has only contempt for its citizens.

And is the sort of thing for which the shot was fired.

After much strong language, cooler heads have prevailed and the demand has been withdrawn, but that does not change the fact that it occurred in the first place and had to be resisted.

As I said, Rome did not fade in a day. Nor shall we, in a day.

But surely we shall fade eventually if we do not all understand and have the courage to defend those principles for which people have died so that we might live:

In Freedom. C. Andrews Lavarre


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