2014-06-26 / Opinion

Casino Could Be Noise Solution

To the Editor:

Some of those Newporters who are against a revitalized gambling casino and who live in the Historic Hill and other close neighborhood districts might consider modifying their views. One should recall the recent (and past) irritation over the noise coming from the Newport Yachting (entertainment) Center and the latter’s recent support given by the city authorities to its now – approved appeal for increased operating time late into the evenings. Support, that is, for the three “l’s – longer, louder, and later.

Then consider the proposals for the new casino that will include a larger and more attractive site for major entertainers. Joseph Paolino, one of its backers, just this last Thursday told the Senate Finance Committee:

“We’re making it into an entertainment facility with a casino as part of it.”

What with a very large parking facility, little traffic, direct access from the Pell Bridge, and good food, why wouldn’t the loud bands and their assorted singers and entertainers prefer to move their acts to the new venue ready-made for attendees, rather than requiring them to fight the traffic and search for parking around the cramped entertainment center in the middle of town? Just think how this might greatly decrease the noise which currently drives up Historic Hill, much like in the Greek amphitheaters that were constructed to take advantage of the physical phenomenon. A reading in a conversational tone at the Odeon, for example, could be heard at the top row (think: Bellevue Avenue) of the auditorium. And how much has the amplification been regularly increased at the Yachting Center these past years – well above the decibel levels for the contiguous (across the street, that is) residential areas? Why do you think that the godfather of the Yachting Center recently wrote an impassioned letter to the editor of the Newport Daily News vehemently arguing against the new casino? Why? Because there would be a steady decrease in business at the rock band-bawdy entertainment center.

Still want to oppose the casino? Living in the center of the Hill, I should vote yes to ensure construction of a completely revitalized, enlarged and attractive “Slots” parlor ON THE FAR EDGE OF TOWN.

Charles F. Weishar

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