2014-06-19 / Opinion

Pedestrian Safety Includes Common Sense

To the Editor:

The long and seemingly never ending winter has ended. Now with better weather our local streets and sidewalks are filling up with vehicles and pedestrians. Much has been done lately to improve pedestrian safety including signage and crosswalk markers. The shared road usage with vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians can work here in Newport if all abide by the rules. This includes no bicycles on sidewalks, use of crosswalks, driving the speed limit, and stopping at all red lights and stop signs. Common sense tells me to look both ways before crossing the road, and use a crosswalk whenever possible. I am always looking over my shoulder for a bicyclist on the sidewalk coming in my direction. Especially on Lower Thames St.

The Newport police can only do so much. Use common sense and have a safe pedestrian future. James Stolarz


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