2014-05-29 / Opinion

Just Lipstick On a Pig

To the Editor:

Since I'm already on the record as being opposed to expanding the slots to full gambling, I ask you to seriously consider not asking the general assembly to modify state law concerning siting or even putting the issue on the November ballot.

It is apparent to me that a casino is not favored by Newport taxpayers, especially since we are learning more that gambling is rapidly losing its luster across the nation. And the prospect of a grand sleaze complex on Fall River's valuable waterfront makes me cringe; both for the fate of that city and for any prospects for a possible casino in Newport.

The developers, none of whom grew up in Newport or have a personal stake in its future (children in our schools, jobs on the Island, year-round residency, community involvement) now want to invest millions in ersatz, low paying jobs while skimming the cream for themselves. A Bellevue Avenue address or owning hotels in the City does not make one a responsible resident, despite their tax bills.

Casino patrons similarly do not contribute to the community when they patronize a casino. They do not patronize our hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues or our cultural attractions,

The developers say they will spruce up the facility and make it a first class attraction. To me, it's just lipstick on a pig and nothing will make it anything other than a pig.

As the good nuns at St. Joseph's and the Christian Brothers at De La Salle reminded us: "All that glitters is not gold" and pursuit of a casino in Newport is certainly a quest for Fool's Gold. James H Marshall


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