2014-05-29 / Opinion

Casino Expansion Means Jobs

To the Editor:

The landscape of economic development and the creation of new jobs in the State of Rhode Island have been very dismal. This can be turned around given the right opportunities for the State.

One of those opportunities is right around the corner in the City of Newport. On May 28, there will was a City Council meeting. On the agenda the City was asked to approve a resolution requesting that the question of adding table games at Newport Grand Slots once again be placed on the ballot this November.

The addition of table games at Newport Grand slots would insure the 175 plus jobs that are already in place.

It would also provide additional jobs within an expanded facility as well as many jobs during the construction phase of the expansion.

Ignoring these facts would also put the state behind in the whole New England casino landscape, allowing the above referenced jobs and revenue potentials for Rhode Island to be handed off to our surrounding competing states.

I urge you to support the table games referendum at Newport Grand Slots for The State of Rhode Island and its residents. Al Salzillo

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