2014-05-15 / Opinion

Importance of Energy Independence

To the Editor:

Last week's letter from Roger Buck states as "unforgivable" that "well-meaning environmentalists" urge more solar and wind generation and decries costly subsidies for their development. Apparently he is okay with even costlier subsidies to the oil companies despite their record profits last year. And just how does renewable energy affect military readiness? As for "my state's economy," since we have no energy industry here, it would be wise to promote the renewable energy industry here instead, no?

If energy independence is so important to Mr. Buck, why is he okay with American oil and gas being exported? Developing the oil and gas here should be done wisely, but that is unlikely due to secret ingredients being pumped into the ground to extract them. Their secrecy was decided upon by an energy panel convened by Dick Cheney in the White House in 2001. Why the secrecy? Probably because the public would not allow those ingredients to be pumped into the aquifers if they knew what they contained.

Mr. Buck adds that "ongoing events in Ukraine exemplify this problem…" but fails to explain the "problem" and how the Ukraine is linked. As for "unsubstantiated belief" that mankind is not causing the warming climate, it is obvious that he, like the Koch brothers, is receiving income from the energy industry and therefore chooses to ignore science and truth. Go ahead and keep your head in the sand Mr. Buck. At least environmentalists are well meaning. Casey Fasciano


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