2014-05-01 / Nature

Nesting and Migration Notes

Anecdotal evidence has recently emerged of new Osprey nests located in southern Portsmouth along the Sakonnet River. If anyone has information on these potential nesting sites, please contact the Audubon Society of Rhode Island at asri.org or call 401-949-5454. All information will be kept confidential if the nest is on private property. Audubon continues to conduct surveys of the local Osprey nesting population to document the recovery of the species from near-extinction 40 years ago from the effects of DDT poisoning. To share information or to ask questions on this season’s migration, call 401-595-6125.

A rare migrant White-faced Ibis was recently sighted in farm fields in the Middletown area, mixed in with a foraging flock of approximately 150-200 migratory Glossy Ibises. This specimen is about 1,000 miles out of range, so it is quite a find. For up-to-date bird sightings during this spring’s migration cycle, visit asri.org.

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