2014-04-17 / Opinion

Is It The Blood Moon?

To the Editor:

Is it the moon? Is everyone crazy? What's happening?

The City Council has just passed one of the more stupid items of its tenure, awarding a sole-source contract to Waste Management that includes a $1 million city commitment to buy for each and every household in Newport not one, but TWO, 64-gallon trash bins; one for garbage, the other for recycling.

I live alone and have a garbage disposal. It would take me 64 weeks to fill a 64-gallon bin. It would take twice that time to fill a recycle bin.

I live on 1200 square feet of property including a 1000-squareft. house. I don’t have room for two humongous trash bins. If I wanted to live in the middle of trash bins I would have voted Democrat and would roast dead rats over a burning tire under an overpass.

Maybe I can use them as storage sheds!

Look, there are some things that are dumb, and some other things that are just plain stupid. This one of the latter.

It's rather incredible that no one among the Council, with the exception of Councilor Leonard, took the time and effort to do a modicum of due diligence.

The City Council must rescind / cancel / annul or whatever other action is needed to reconsider the contract in its entirety, especially the million dollar boondoggle on the trash bins. C. Andrews Lavarre


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