2014-03-21 / From The Garden

Plant Some Memories with a Child

By Cynthia Gibson

Gardening with children is a joy. The garden is a marvelous educational tool, incorporating a bit of work, dirty hands fun, plant and seed selection, and lots of anticipation. The rewards for you and your child are many – time spent gardening with your little one is priceless.

By the time a child is four years old they can garden with an adult. The first thing to consider when creating a garden for a child is size; they are small people and need accessibility to the soil and plants. Select a raised bed or a very large plastic pot for the growing area. Three and five gallon plastic planters work very well, and the height of these pots is excellent for children.

Success is so important when planting a first garden with your little one. Do your children like carrots? Ask them what their favorite vegetable is and plant it. There are many ‘tiny’ sized vegetables used in the gourmet food industry that are perfectly suited for child’s garden.

‘Sungold’ is by far one of the best cherry tomatoes you can plant. This ultra-sweet tomato will leave your children craving more. Sewing lettuce seed can take place up three times in a season and you can have a bounty of tender, sweet leaves all summer long. Carrots are really fun to grow. ‘Caracas Hybrid’ carrots are only three inches in length and every bite is sweet. Golden Baby Bell peppers can be eaten when they are only an inch long and are filled with flavor.

Even if you are no gardening expert, you and your child can plant some magic together. Dig in!

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