2014-03-14 / Opinion

Conn. Electricity Rates Spark Furor

To the Editor:

I saw your article (Feb. 27 issue) on North American Power (NAP) by Tom Walsh. We are having BIG problems here in Connecticut, with this company being the number one complained-about electricity supplier. I thought I would share my personal experience so that perhaps your readers will be better informed.

I have submitted a formal complaint against North American Power. My introductory rate with this company was .079 cents per kWh. I switched in 2012 because my house is entirely electric. I understand variable rates. I knew I was signing up for a variable rate. I didn’t think the variable rate would triple without me being notified.

I signed up as a result of an NAP mailer from an independent distributor of North American Power. Such distributors make a percentage of what customers pay in their monthly electric bills. This particular company uses multi-level marketing tactics which would be fine if they weren’t taking advantage. In my case, the independent distributor has not responded to my request for contact.

My second complaint is that there was no warning when the bill went up. I found the varying rates between .079 cents per kWh and .1099 cents per kWh reasonable. The jump to .1299 cents per kWh and .1449 per kWh went unnoticed [by me] because they were gradual and then, BAM, the price went up to .1999 per kWh! We can’t afford this and these companies are taking food off the table. When I called North American Power to discuss this, the woman I spoke with was rude and argumentative. I told her to cancel my service; she is referring my case to the “resolutions” department.

Christina Plourd

Tolland, Conn.

Editor’s Note: In a telephone interview with the author of this letter, she told Newport This Week that since writing her letter she has been reimbursed for $350 of her electric bills by North American Power. She also said she has switched back to her previous electricity provider in Connecticut. In its marketing materials, North American Power does not say that it will warn customers of impending increases to its variable

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