2014-01-17 / Opinion

Honoring Heroes

To the Editor:

Thank you for publishing the article "World War II Hero Honored" in the Jan. 9 edition of your paper. It was a great honor to be invited to speak at the 2013 reunion of the 39th Fighter Squadron in San Antonio, Texas. I was able to meet and talk to former pilots who fought the battles of World War II, Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan. During this process, I learned that 2nd Lt. Robert Thorpe was one of 78,000 Americans who went to war and never came home. The ceremonies in Rhode Island and Texas were about honoring him and all of the others.

I was further honored by Rep. Marvin Abney [aka, Major Marvin Abney, USA Ret], who flew to San Antonio that Saturday morning from a week-long conference in Washington, DC, so that he could be there to support me in making the presentation. His military experience has been very helpful. This is just one example of the teamwork that Rep. Abney and I have been enjoying in our efforts to support our districts at the State House. Rep. Peter Martin

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