2013-12-12 / News Briefs

Watershed Education

High school students learn about local watersheds. 
(Photo by Christopher Paiva) High school students learn about local watersheds. (Photo by Christopher Paiva) The Aquidneck Land Trust (ALT) has paired with local high schools to interact with students about our local watersheds and protecting the quality of our drinking water supplies. A watershed is the geographic area where all falling precipitation drains to a common low point.

Executive Director Charles Allott and Stewardship Director Sophia DeMaio have presented to environmental studies classes in Portsmouth and Middletown high schools. The presentation reviews the water cycle and the process of water infiltration and runoff both in natural and built environments and how the natural environment that ALT strives to protect filters pollutants out of the runoff before it reaches the water supplies. Students are able to see the concept of a watershed using a storm water pollution and prevention model borrowed from the University of Rhode Island Outreach Center. This is a fun, messy, and informative way to see how pollutants enter and move through the landscape. Students also learn about ALT’s watershed prioritization study and how ALT works to protect lands that buffer our public drinking water supplies.

This presentation is part of ALT’s outreach program, designed to educate the local community about conservation work and inspire environmental awareness and responsibility.

For more information, contact Sophia DeMaio at sdemaio@ailt.org or 401-849-2799 x 14, if interested in having ALT present to your school or community group.

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