2013-12-05 / Opinion

Success for Shelters

To the Editor:

Each year, local Newport-area musicians perform an acoustic Christmas concert called "Singing for Shelter," with all of the proceeds going to the McKinney Shelter and Lucy’s Hearth.

At our Dec. 3 concert, the 21 musicians who played raised $2,900 for these two shelters. A very special thank you goes out to the following people:

Michael Skaggs, Gianna Sullivan, Shirley Hartisen, Tom Perrotti, Chief Noda, Rand Bradbury, Ed Ledwith, Harry Spring, Bill Thomas, Jack Casey, Ray Davis, Mike Jackson,

Sky Sabin, Jimmy Winters, Michael Khouri, Bob Blais, Gene Beaudoin, Kate Grana, Julie Bisbano, Tim May, Ed McGuirl, Mike Fischman, Diana Skaggs, Christmas in Newport, Channing Church, John Flanders Consulting, Stage Craft Audio, Art Berlutti and Dennis Lombardi.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our annual Singing for Shelter event. Mark and Anne Gorman


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