2013-11-21 / Opinion

JFK's Newport Camelot

A s the nation marks the 50th anniversary of his assassination, Newport's connection with former president John F. Kennedy has rightfully been getting quite a bit of attention in recent days.

And while it's hard to say how things might be different today – for his family, and for the country – had he survived and gone on to win a second term in office, it seems reasonable to assume that Newport would have remained a prominent part of the Kennedys' lives.

At least we would hope so.

From their wedding at St. Mary's to their summer forays at Bailey's Beach and the Newport Country Club, the young president and First Lady indeed had deep ties to the island and still engender a certain pride and affection from its residents.

Perhaps it was his distinctly New England sensibilities, but to many in these parts, JFK remains the bar against which every president since his death has been measured.

Central casting couldn't have picked a better pair than JFK and Jackie. Nor could any other location do them more justice than our City by the Sea.

Camelot may have ended in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, but for us it began at the corner of Spring and Memorial on Sept. 12, ten years earlier.

Let's not forget that.

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