2013-11-14 / Opinion

Where Is Food Taken Seriously?

To the Editor:

Restaurants used to be places where one went to eat food, with or without the company of friends. It was expected that there would be a fine presentation of foods and that these could be enjoyed along with conversation among those at the table. Today, many restaurants here have become places where food is served as secondary along with entertainment in the form of heavily-amplified live or recorded music. In many of Newport’s restaurants, the music is of such volume that conversation is nearly precluded excepting when undertaken with the use of excessively loud voices – the result being a cacophony.

There must be some restaurants here where such is not the case and where food itself remains the primary interest and purpose. For those people who wish to find these restaurants without tedious trial and error, perhaps the enterprising owners and chefs would appreciate development of a simple icon to add to their advertisements in your paper that indicates that they cater to a more genteel clientele where food remains their forte.

It would be most enterprising were your newspaper to take the lead in such development and invite those restaurants – where food itself is still taken seriously – to join you in presenting such notice in their advertisements.

Charles F. Weishar Newport

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