2013-10-31 / Opinion

Society's Leadership Questioned

To the Editor:

The recent “Guest View” by the Chairman of The Preservation Society of Newport County in the Newport Daily News (Oct. 12-13, 2013) excoriates Ronald Lee Fleming for his own views previously published in the same newspaper.

Mr. Fleming is a fellow of The American Institute of Certified Planners, an author of several books on planning and design, and a preservationist who has done much to restore, preserve and beautify Newport. Mr. Fleming’s thoughtful article was dismissed as having “no sense.”

The harsh criticism of Mr. Fleming demonstrates the sound merit of Mr. Fleming’s suggestion that the intransigence of The Preservation Society's management “might require a change in leadership, which can demonstrate more preservation wisdom and some humility that comes out of working successfully with others."

It is time for the Society's Board of Trustees to wake up and put a stop to management’s idée fixe with despoiling the historic integrity of The Breakers estate. Carlotta Morris


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