2013-10-31 / News Briefs

For What It’s Worth

(Free appraisals by appointment. Call 401-841-5060) (Free appraisals by appointment. Call 401-841-5060) Mr. Santi: Years ago my father brought back this fragment from a trip to Europe. It is about 7” in diameter. He always kept it on his desk and said that it was his “muse.” Now it is mine. Can you tell me what it might be worth? Thanks — Charles R.

Charles: It is difficult to determine the age of your “grand tour” memento. Lucky that the eyes are intact, without them it would have little value. Your piece is probably Italian and at least 19th century. Without knowing anything else, I would value your head at between $400 and $600. – Federico Santi, partner, Drawing Room Antiques

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