2013-10-24 / Around Town

Anniversary Official Launch

The committee charged with planning the celebration surrounding the city's 375th anniversary unveiled a signature logo on Wednesday, Oct. 23, during a brief ceremony at City Hall. Newport Mayor Henry F. Winthrop was joined by past mayors John Trifero and Steve Waluk – who are serving as co-chairs of the Newport 375 Committee – to introduce the yearlong celebration to the public.

"I don't think we can make the celebration too big," Winthrop declared.

In addition to the logo above, which was created by local graphic designer David Nacizo and his Lakuna Design, a new website – Newport375.com – also went live.

Rep. Peter Martin provided the website, which he said will serve as a hub for all those interested to stay up-to-date on the planning process for the celebration, and to get involved.

As Trifero noted, over the coming weeks and months there will be ample opportunity for anyone interested in lending their time and talent to what he said would be a "fun-filled year of events that will run the spectrum."

With Portsmouth wrapping up its own 375th anniversary celebration, Winthrop promised the full support of the City Council to ensure that the coming year is truly one to remember.

Senate Majority Leader M. Teresa Paiva-Weed has pledged two legislative grants totaling $10,000 toward the effort, which Winthrop has pledged to match. Sponsorship packages are also being sold, with donation levels ranging from $1,000-$5,000.

Speaking on behalf of the 375 Committee, Waluk said, "We look forward to a year that will be marked with various big events."

One of those events will be a special 375th anniversary parade on June 21, which will take participants from One Mile Corner to the Great Friends Meeting House, and will also feature a community photograph, and cookout.

Other events currently slated include a series of community concerts around the city, as well as a traditional clam bake at Easton Beach, a culinary celebration of Broadway, and an anniversary gala next New Year's Eve.

In addition, the committee is devising a poster contest for children and soliciting entries from bands for the aforementioned concert series.

Winthrop concluded the unveiling by highlighting one of those big events.

Looking toward City Manager Jane Howington, Winthrop said that he'd like to pay particular mind to "The parade down Broadway in June of 2014." He emphasized again, "the parade down Broadway in June of 2014."

Hopefully, the mayor said, Broadway – which has been consumed by construction for the better part of the year – will be significantly improved by the time the city celebrates its history.

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